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Baby Boot Camp!!!

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I just had an amazing baby shower thrown by my amazing friends! It was so much fun! It was sports theme because we are having a boy!! I am having a bit of anxiety though..where are we putting everything???  And then it hit me..... WE ARE HAVING A BABY!

So some of these things we received I am just like oh well this is smart.... like for example the WEE BLOCK courtesy of buybuy Baby!!!


We also have to rearrange our closets!! That is going to take some work!!! I feel that its harder to work with a smaller closet space but looking at these amazing organizers I think we can make it work! shows exactly how I want my closet to look! The baby closet organizer and how they have it in this closet is perfect. Everything is in its place.

With this idea in the bag of my head I searched Targets website......


This is so perfect!! Especially for our New York apartments closet! It also comes in pink if you are having a girl!

It is called the Delta Children Nursery Storage Set, which includes:

130 slim-design, flocked-velvet hangers

212 closet dividers to organize and divide clothes

36-shelf organizer hangs in closet for easy-access storage space

43 small storage bins for holding small items

52 large storage bins for storing larger items


Check it out!!!

Till next time!