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Styling the bump!!

Ashley RobinsonComment

So as I have mentioned, I am pregnant!!!! It is such a happy and crazy time in my life and staying stylish makes me feel so good!! I don't know anyone that doesn't love to feel great in what they are wearing.... pregnant or not.  I have been living in these form fit dresses and just layering over them for the fall with everything. I love this look because its very easy and so comfortable. I do also love to add a pop of color with a hat.. my go to especially when I don't feel like doing my hair...

Lets start out with some selfies shall we???

Oh, and I have been wearing these gap maternity leggeings that are sooo comfy!! They are perfect. I do love the look of maternity jeans I just have no desire to wear denim these days. My body is like actually rejecting it...

I do also love this color block moment that I tried. Of course I never did this before I was pregnant and I now decide that trying this is just the perfect time... LOL!!

Don't be afraid to try new things and to think outside of that box..

Till next time!!!