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Checklists or LUST list's??

Ashley RobinsonComment

Happy holiday's everyone!! I have been so busy running around trying to prepared for our baby with lists coming out of my ears! It has been such an exhausting task and he is not even here yet!!  I have seen so many cute things that I am of course lusting after for my baby boy!!!!  This hooded Lion towel from Saks is soo cute and cozy, I love it. 

And the little Safari burp cloth is the cutest!! Yes, I do love my animals!!



The Pearls silver rattle!!! How cute is this?  The last thing I will show you guys is this amazing Fendi Diaper bag..... for $1419!!!!!

I just can't say enough about this bag!!!  I feel that its just the diaper bag of all diaper bags!! All of these fabulous mommy and baby must haves are from Sak's, check it out!


Till next time!!