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Blizzard 2016 and baby closets....

Ashley RobinsonComment
Sweatshirts are F**KING important
— Kanye West

I think so as well Kanye, and I am so excited that we can now wear these important f**king sweatshirts! I knew we would NOT scrape by this winter without getting slammed by some type of snow storm..... I think that I timed my maternity leave quite perfectly.... all I kept thinking yesterday was please wait baby Robinson don't come now!!!!  

This was just yesterday!!!!!

The aftermath is quite beautiful don't you think? I would not want to be out there in it! While mother nature was doing her thing I was trying to complete baby's closet!!!! I ordered bins from Target to put in the organizer which I think turned out really perfect!

Circo Storage Bin    

Circo Storage Bin 


The bins are only $6.99! They come in different colors, patterns, and themes. I will probably end up ordering more of them for sure because they are super convenient and durable! Don't forget to stop by!!

Till next time!!