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Tips and Tricks for holiday lashes

Ashley RobinsonComment
Tips and Tricks for holiday lashes

HI Guys!! Happy Wednesday!! So I love to wear lashes!! I know sometimes us mamas might not have time for them, but they make me feel so good and super put together. Espcially when I dont have time to put on a 'face' for the day, I feel like my lashes make such a difference. You could get them done or just get the best lases EVER with Ardell. I love them, they have styles for every occasion!

They have great everyday natural lashes. They have an invisible line so that when you put them on it just blends in with your natural eyeline. 

These are fabulous for every single holiday party that you have coming up this season!!  Check out their website, as they have such fabulous styles for the holiday's. 

In this picture I had the natural them. 

This picture I had the Glamour lashes on for an event. They have lashes for every single mood that I am in! They are also super simple to put on, that's why this mama loves them!

Try them for the holiday season!

Happy Holiday's!

Till next time!!