Ashley Robinson

Why IHop will always be my fav....

Ashley Robinson


Soo..... we decided to go to IHop Sunday, Jan 31st because my husband had a craving for pancakes and I wasn't feeling that great but wanted to get out of the house! We sit down at the table and literally put in our order and water breaks!!! My husband wanted to make sure and told me to check in the bathroom because of course the food was coming..(men!) Fast forward to us getting the food to go,driving home to grab my hospital bag, all the while I'm eating during this process.  The weird thing is, I was super calm throughout this entire frantic time until we got to the hospital, they checked me and said, we are going to admit you!!! 18 hours later Feb 1, my love Declan Blake Robinson came into this world. 

Of course this is my sweet husband asleep at 3 am while I having contractions and cant sleep......

The most amazing blessed day!!!!

Till next time!