Ashley Robinson

Yasssss!!! I can wear these now!

Ashley Robinson

So I am very excited to announce that I am now able to wear by Loub's again. When I was pregnant I tried to wear them for a New Years Eve outing with the hubby and it was a noooo go! If I remember correctly my fat swollen feet didn't even go into the damn shoe. Well now post pregnancy my foot slipped right on in! Yasss I thought until I wore them one night and thought I was going to fall over from the pain. While visiting one of my favorite blogs, Confessions of a Glam A-holic, I came across one of her old posts that gives some points on how to make So Kate's SO comfortable.... I thought I could try this for my Very Prive's!


It for sure made them bearable to walk in, and I was born in heels so trust me I'm used to the pain!! I think my foot might have changed after having my son...along with sooo many other things on my body. That's another post for another day! Check out the link below and you can thank me later!!!

Till next time!