Ashley Robinson

Breast is best????

Ashley Robinson

SO it has been a little while since my last post...I've been a little busy with baby bear and trying to get adjusted. It is the most amazing and exhausting time in my life, and I would not change one thing except for.... this little thing called breast feeding. To be completely honest it was so very difficult for me because from the get I didn't produce a huge amount as is. In a world where you hear breast is the best, and you should be breast feeding... It made me feel like a bad mother. I was only able to nurse him till 4 weeks, he was also crying all the time because he was STARVING!!! I just wish that we spoke about formula feeding a little bit more so new mothers don't feel like we are being shamed for using formula!! I have to say after he started with the formula he is a much happier baby, and that my friends makes me a good mother for riding that formula train!! (I could talk about this subject all day, but we won't)

We have found that Enfamil is the best for us as he is not as gasey!!!

Enjoy and stop being so hard on yourself's Mom's!!! This is such a special time and it should not be a stressful... I actually just learned that!

Till next time!