Fall Essentials...Scarfs and Hats!!

Fall Essentials...Scarfs and Hats!!

Now that fall is approaching I cannot wait to take out my scarfs and felt hats. I think these items instantly can pull an outfit together! These are my two favorite scarfs I got last season. The first one is Stella Mccartney, and the other is from Zara. I love the colors of the Stella, and the Zara scarf is like a huge blanket that makes me feel so cozy!

I love wearing hat's!! Especially now with my son Declan, I don't even have time to get a simple blow out...and lets not even mention my grey hair that is sprouting in the front. So hat's for me are essential. These rag and bone wide brim Fedoras are super perfect!! I love that they go with everything!! Happy Fall!

Till next time!