Sweater Inspo

Sweater Inspo

Hi guys!! This is a super quick post, I have been so busy with Declan's birthday coming up its just been crazy!! I wanted to post about this sweater because I have been in such a sweater slump lately! I haven't seen anything that makes me want to put on a sweater, honestly they have all just looked the same to me. Blah. So when I saw this little goodie at Saks Fifth Ave I immediately had to try it on and proceed to buy it! I love how it's so different with the breakaway in the front, and the volume on the sleeves. It's for sure a cool piece. 


I think if your going to wear a sweater it might as well be different, and this one for sure fits the bill for me!! This Balenciaga sweater is sold out already!! But I will be sure to link my next purchases!!

Till next time lovelies!! Stay Warm!