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Flower POWER and Flybehavior

Ashley RobinsonComment
Flower POWER and Flybehavior

Hi Guys! Happy Wednesday, and happy Fashion Week!! Lets be honest here, I am very heavy chested so if I wear an actual blouse it makes me look heavier than I am because the silhouette "poofs" out a bit more. So I do wear a ton of body suits, and form fit tops. I feel that they do better with my shape. So when I find a blouse that is super fabulous and fits me well I jump on it. And this IS THE BLOUSE from Fly Behavior.  


I love that you can wear this blouse so many different ways. I styled it with a high waisted denim trouser with a touch of a flair leg and a metallic bootie. You can for sure rock this with a skirt, trousers, a cropped pant, or a leather pant would look amazing!


This top gives me so much inspo! Check out the website to see how the blouse it styled on her site, I styled it with the bow just hanging loose with a bit of cleavage. I wanna hear how would you guys rock this!!   

Till next time!