Pandora Jewlery for Mother's Day and more!!

HI Guys! Happy May! So I was invited to a jewelry event at the Pandora Store in the Somerset Collection which launched Pandora's New Shine Collection. I was only able to stay for a short time, and I knew I had to come back for more!! This is not the Pandora that you and I have seen before! There are so many pieces that you can mix and match, pieces that you can stack, and bracelets that you can add beautiful charms too. You can style the jewelry to whatever mood you may be in, which I LOVE! With Mother's Day coming up and wish list in hand, I wanted to go in a second time and play some more with the collection. I have to say that I saw so many things that I am completely obsessing over and just could not be without. Take a look!


We are off!! Danielle at the Pandora Somerset Location and I start to play with the different collections. 

I love how she showed me that this ring can be worn as a thumb ring!

This is such a special necklace. It is on my Mothers Day WANT list. It simply says, Everything I am you helped me to be. How amazing is that? It makes me tear up every single time I read it.

I also love the fact that I can wear these Pandora stacks along side my wedding rings and they don't clash. It just adds more bling! Which of course what girl doesn't love a little more bling in their lives?


How cool are these edgy leather bracelets that you can pretty much layer with everything?They look so cool against any piece of jewelry and they come in different colors as well.  You can of course wear them solo, you create your own style! 


Can you tell I am Happy?? I had such a great time picking out fabulous pieces to create my own jewelry wardrobe. Whether your a Mother, or a girl after my own heart who loves beautiful jewelry then Pandora is the place for you! Check them out guys!! Let's all SHINE together!

Till Next time!